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BeaverDash bridges the gap between the best WordPress page builder and the best WordPress LMS.

Edit templates with ease

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What’s wrong with the built-in LearnDash shortcodes? You can’t automatically get the data for the parent course, lesson or topic since the shortcode expects you to give it an ID to pull from. BeaverDash provides you with shortcodes that contextually pull the ID of the course, lesson or topic they are on. LearnDash shortcodes tend to pre-format the output of their shortcodes in a way that limits your design options and your ability to use them as a value in a Beaver Builder module. BeaverDash allows you to get dates, numbers or links rather than pre-formatted progress bars or video modules. Here are some of the shortcodes that we've come up with.


  • Quizzes
  • Topic list
  • Lesson list
  • Course list
  • Course grid
  • Lesson timer
  • Course prerequisites
  • Course points
  • Gamification
  • Badges
  • Video
  • Course expiration
  • More!

Available in beta

  • [bdash_course_title]
  • [bdash_course_content]
  • [bdash_course_description]
  • [bdash_course_progress]
  • [bdash_course_materials]
  • [bdash_course_navigation]
  • [bdash_course_expire_status]
  • [bdash_image]
  • [bdash_video]
  • [bdash_video_or_image]
  • [bdash_course_lessons]
  • [bdash_course_list]
  • [bdash_lesson_list]
  • [bdash_quiz_list]
  • [bdash_materials]
  • [bdash_mark_complete_button]
  • [bdash_enroll_button]
  • [bdash_prev_link]
  • [bdash_next_link]
  • [bdash_parent_course_title]
  • [bdash_parent_course_url]
  • [bdash_parent_lesson_title]
  • [bdash_parent_lesson_url]
  • [bdash_profile]
  • [bdash_content]

Post Module Options

Use the post module to display only content related to a parent course, lesson or topic. Like all the quizzes belonging to a topic or all the lesson in a course, with all the options of the Themer post module at your disposal!

Style incomplete, complete and locked lessons and change the styles of courses in a course based on enrollment using the automatically applied CSS classes:

See the classes

Field Connections

Put the title of the parent course in a heading module, or a link to the next lesson in a button module. Themer field connections give you the flexibility of Themer using LearnDash’s data.

LearnDash Visibility Options

  • Course completion
  • Course progress threshold
  • Course in progress
  • Course not started
  • User enrollment
  • Lesson Drip
  • LearnDash Course options


  • Course progress
  • Course navigation
  • Video Progression
  • Materials
  • Course Status
  • More!

New Features

Recently released version 0.5.0 includes a bunch of awesome new modules and visibility options to make layout creation super easy.

Upcoming Features

In coming releases we plan to include integrations with the major LearnDash addons.

LearnDash Addon Integrations

  • BadgeOS
  • BBpress
  • BuddyPress
  • Course Grid
  • LearnDash Toolkit
  • ProPanel
  • And more!

Instant Setup with included Themer Templates

We’ll be creating course, lesson & topic templates, included in the agency plan, that you can easily import into your projects to get you up and running quickly. These will have the added benefit of demonstrating how to use BeaverDash interactively. One will be included in beta.


Need a network license for your WordPress Multisite?
We offer a network-activated version.

Need a more customized solution?


$ 39.00$89
yearly subscription
  • Themer-ready LearnDash shortcodes & field connections
  • Improves integration of Themer Post modules with Learndash
  • LearnDash visibility options
  • Easy to use modules
  • Activation, updates and support on 1 website (3 environments)


$ 89.00$189
yearly subscription
  • All pro features
  • Addon integrations*
  • Theme layouts to get you started
  • Support for 1 person
  • 25 activations
*planned features


We recommend having Beaver Themer and Beaver Builder Pro or Beaver Builder Lite. The theme you use shouldn’t matter as long as it is fully themer compatible. For now we are focusing our testing on Beaver Builder theme so we haven’t directly tested compatibility.


If you are already comfortable using Beaver Themer and shortcodes, you’ll likely find BeaverDash is easy enough to use for non-developers.