MemberDash is a straightforward integration between WooCommerce Memberships and LearnDash.

It’s the glue that holds your Woo together

The existing official WooCommerce integration can’t handle all the ways you sell your courses. It may be free, but having an unscalable and disjointed sales flow will cost you.

  • Simplify Management

    MemberDash means fewer moving parts and smarter handling of changes than the existing Woo - LD integration.

  • Expand your offering

    Woo Memberships can be used to provide perks, discounts and content beyond LearnDash.

  • Unlock new revenue

    Sell lucrative Team Memberships with the Teams for WooCommerce Memberships add-on.


Less Data Entry

When offering multiple payment plans for the same level of access you used to have to connect each price point to the same courses individually. With our plugin you can tie all the price points you sell to a single membership plan that is connected to the right courses all at once.

Smart Access Management

Unlike the official integration, when a membership ends, our plugin intelligently checks whether the user has any other memberships that are still granting them access to a course. We only remove an enrollment if no other memberships are granting the user access to that course.

Launch new content with ease

When you add a new course to a membership, everyone with that membership will get access to it. It sure beats hunting down every past purchase to manually grant them access like you would have to with LearnDash’s solution!

Go beyond Woo

Since you’re no longer tied to Woo product purchases, you can grant memberships in new ways. Try granting memberships from external sources using CRM tags with WP Fusion or reward users with higher membership tiers through gamification.

It’s time to build a scalable LearnDash membership site

With a 14 day money-back guarantee, dedicated support, and plenty of new ways to make monetize your courses, MemberDash is the best way to package and sell your LearnDash content.

Start using MemberDash today!