Loops & Logic

Loops & Logic Core is a recently-launched free plugin that provides a template system for WordPress. An evolution of Tangible CTO Eliot Akira's free Custom Content Shortcode plugin, Loops & Logic is an evolution of shortcodes, to provide a flexible and extensible language.

Thanks for your help with Beta testing! 🎉

Loops & Logic is now available for free in the WordPress Plugin Repository. We’ll be releasing a variety of useful premium integrations on our store in the coming months, so keep an eye out!

Visit the repo page


Loop any content

Query any WordPress post types, taxonomies, taxonomy terms, attachments, or users with the Loop tag. Filter by taxonomy terms, custom field values, authors and more to refine your results. Output any data with the Field or Setting tag.

<Loop type=post category=News count=6 order=asc orderby=title publish_year=current>
	<div class="{Field post_class}">
		<a href="{Field url}">
			<div><If field=image><Field image size=medium /></If></div>
					<Loop type=taxonomy_term taxonomy=category post=current exclude=1>
						<Field title /><If last><Else />, </If>
				<span><Format date=ago><Field publish_date /></Format></span>
				<h3><Field title /></h3>
				<p><Field excerpt auto=true words=25 /></p>
				<button>Read more</button>

Powerful Conditionals

Use the If, Else if, and Else tags to create powerful conditional statements.

<If first_condition>
  First condition is true.
<Else if second_condition />
  First condition is false.
  Second condition is true.
<Else />
  All conditions are false.