Affiliate Linking Policy


  1. Purpose
  2. The nature of affiliate links
  3. Why we use affiliate links
  4. Where we use affiliate links
  5. Get in touch
  6. Changes


1. The purpose of this policy is to be transparent with all Customers and members of the Public as to our use of affiliate links. Terms used in our Terms & Conditions have the same meaning in this policy.

2. If you have any questions regarding our use of affiliate links, please contact us at [email protected]

The nature of affiliate links

3. When we refer to an affiliate link, we mean a link to a third party website that is selling goods or services. The link is unique in that it identifies us as the referrer of a potential customer to the third party website. If that potential customer purchases a good or service for which a sales commission is payable, we (the affiliate) receive a small payment from the provider of the third party website.

4. You can identify whether a link is an affiliate link by checking whether it is enclosed in an HTML element that uses our affiliate link css class (“tt-affiliate-link”). If a link has our affiliate link css class applied, it should be an affiliate link. We plan on styling these links differently than regular links for easy recognition, but the exact style may vary over time and between pages.

Why we use affiliate links

5. The purpose of our using affiliate links is to provide us with an additional revenue stream (which may enable us to charge lower fees to our Customers than would otherwise be the case). In the past, affiliate links have sometimes had a ‘bad rap’ but this is only due to a lack of transparency as to their use. In our view, as long as an affiliate link is identified as such and is not accompanied by misleading statements or omissions, they are a perfectly legitimate means of revenue creation which may benefit all parties concerned.

6. To avoid any confusion, we are the recipients of any affiliate income earned through any affiliate links within our Service.

Where we use affiliate links

7. We may use affiliate links on this website, in our email communications, in chat messages, and within our blog. We only do this where we believe it is appropriate to do so. We may insert affiliate links manually or we may use a plugin that rewrites ordinary links we have added to third party goods or services with affiliate links to the same destinations when the web page containing the links is loaded in a person’s browser.

Get in touch

8. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or feedback regarding our use of affiliate links. You can contact us at [email protected].


9. We may make changes to this Affiliate Linking Policy from time to time. Any changes will be posted on this website.


Affiliate Linking Policy created on  11 June 2018. No changes since then.