Tangible Blocks Beta

Our upcoming Tangible Blocks system allows you to create blocks that work in Elementor, Gutenberg & Beaver Builder simultaneously without needing to know any PHP.

Define your HTML/CSS/JS & controls and hit publish to get your block in all three builders!

Thanks to the extra HTML tags we’ve added (called Loops & Logic), if you need to create blocks with dynamic data, you can create blocks that work with data from all around WordPress and 3rd party plugins right in your HTML markup.

Custom blocks can help you:

  • Lay out pages with blocks for custom post types and custom fields as easily as with native posts/pages
  • Restrict the block controls customers have access to so they aren’t overwhelmed by options and can’t change what you don’t want them to (protect the integrity of your design!)
  • Get the exact markup output you want from a block for accessibility, speed and SEO
  • Have consistent block options between builders even if you serve clients with different tech stacks
  • Create your own in-house block packs by exporting and importing collections of blocks between sites
  • Cut down on the need for 3rd party addon packs by creating or importing just the blocks you need
  • Easily package and sell blocks to create a new revenue stream (with the option to sell your blocks through our upcoming block cloud)
  • Minimize reliance on installing several generic 3rd party addons just to get the couple blocks you need.