MemberDash is a straightforward integration between WooCommerce Memberships and LearnDash. It functions very similarly to the integrations with WooCommerce Subscriptions and Products from the official LearnDash WooCommerce plugin.

MemberDash also works with Teams for WooCommerce Memberships by granting access to any courses associated with the membership tied to a team.

If you need customization, over 25 activations, support for more than one person or want to us MemberDash in a multisite get in touch →


$ 29.00$69
yearly subscription
  • Easily associate your memberships with courses
  • Support & updates for 1 website
    (3 environments)


$ 79.00$169
yearly subscription
  • All Pro features
  • Support for one person
  • Activation & updates on 25 sites
  • Groups Integration*
*planned features

Requirements & Compatibility

This plugin requires WooCommerce Memberships and LearnDash to work. It can also optionally work with Teams for WooCommerce Memberships.